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PICTORIAL NUMBER Lip-service anent postwar planning must give place to concrete action, as we sight ourselves now in the middle of problems which we had not even envisioned in our talking stage — problems that dwarf the speed-crazy routine of war production which very often dulled our senses to the intrinsic worth of human values, striving for fuller expression. For us all, in America and abroad, these issues are pressingly significant.

To the Negro, as usual, they take on the increment of prejudice and Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service. Negro leadership, then, can not relax vigilance for implementation of Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service "four, freedoms" which we are supposed just to have won. Second Vice-President Florida A. Street, N. General Counsel n t h Street, N. Brown, Talladega College.

Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service Look For Dating

Swanson, Howard University, Washington, D. Washington, D. Bluefleld, West Va.

Henry A. Callis, E St. Tandy, West th St.

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Kelly, lth Street, Troy, New York. Chapman—'Roy H.

Ogle—'James H. Lovelace, vice-president. Southern Jurisdiction—William H. Gray, vice-president; Clinton L. Iilake, principal. Lewis, II. Atlanta, Georgia; Aaron L. Allen, 11,01 Eighteenth Ave. New Orleans. Eastern Jurisdiction—Lloyd L. Burrell, vice-president; Herbert T.

Miller, Carlton Ave. Robinson, E.

Lee, Stewart, BerkC;i! C ; President. Moore, Jr.

Byas, W. B a n k sS o u t h Parkway, Chicago, Illinois. Paul, Minnoscta.

Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service

Lawrence, K a n s a s: Harold Davis; Secretary. Cincinnati, Ohio. Lalne, J r. H u d s o nFisk University, Nashville, Tennessee. Cole, M o r g a n College. Baltimore, Md. President, William Harrison: Secretary, Gaines T. REID E.

Floroda Nicholas Avenue, New York, N. State College, Nashville, Tenn. Wilson Winters. Manuscripts solicited b u t m u s t be accompanied by stamped selfaddressed envelope to insure return.

Address all communications to Editorial Office. BoxA. College, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Entered as second class matter at the post office In Nashville, Tennessee, under the act of March 3, and accepted Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service mailing at the second class rate of postage.

Washington, Chicago, October 2.

Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service

They have made comprehensive plans to give Alpha the best facilities and accommodations to assure an excellent convention. Registration will take place Thursday afternoon, beginning at 2: A smoker has been planned for that evening. I hope that brothers will arrive Thursday so that we Hot wife seeking sex tonight Keokuk begin our first business session.

Our Chicago brothers especially desire that those of us who are married, will bring our families, particularly our sons. It is needless to remind you that you should Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service your train and housing reservations, as soon as possible. For all details, write Brother Sydney P. Manley, K.

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Manley attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, earning the degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of civil laws and is easily one of the most important and highly respected political and civic leaders in the entire Caribbean area. During the summer months, chapter activities are at a minimum, but with the opening of school, brothers are looking forward to a renewal of Blonde blue eyes 61. These should be all the more interesting in view of the necessity of planning for Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service Convention in Chicago.

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As a part of the program of continuing to focus attention on postwar Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service I have just Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service through the Minorities Publishers Jackson Street. Our long University of missouri pussy in behalf of the peoples of the dependent areas may be achieving some results in the proposed International Educational and Cultural Organization.

About this, I shall make a longer report at the Convention. This time the young lady, who was awarded her sheepskin by the Virginia school in June, reports having received letters from white Southerners, each of whom stated, in effect: Frank P. Graham, Harold Preece, Roark Bradford and many, many others. A year ago the Columbus Georgia Ledger said in an editorial: One is the total elimination of the poll tax as a prerequisite of voting, which has no justification in morals and precious little as revenue device.

The other is universal suffrage for the Negro. It seems to us high time for the deep South to re-examine its reasons for keeping the Negro out of party politics and determine if local expediency outweighs the larger values implicit in sound ethics and constitutional morality.

It is a role that, properly handled, will help speed along a trend and, possibly, give the Negro a semblance of leadership in a world brotherhood movement. Let the Soror or Frater make it an extra-curricular duty, a hobby, to collect these people favorably inclined among the majority group. Naughty wives wants sex Toowoomba Queensland their names and Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service first from whatever source, perhaps from the Marilyn Kaemmerles or Lillian Smithscontact them, meet Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service them, and lines of strategy will suggest and formulate themselves.

Too often the custom has been for us to sit back and wait for the white man to start Single woman Lake Placid inter-racial club or the harmony commission. With the war over, let's not "return to normalcy" but strike out on new paths in this inter-racial business. Let's put this matter of colored and white comradeship on a routine basis.

Let's Unite That more than one of the contributors to the present issue should urge upon Negro greek-letter organizations the idea that they unite in concerted organization and effort towards the resolution of the gripping problems of Negro-white adjustment in America, in one aspect or other, is of more than idle coincidence.

Indeed, it is the flowering of a notion that has persisted in the minds of many persons, individually, over a long period of time. Now, it is Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service for these various individuals to pool their thinking and crystallize definite action.

A fine starting point could well be the revival of the "Kansas City Convention" pattern ofwhen several of the Negro fraternities and sororities convened at the same time in that metropolis' brand new municipal auditorium.

There could be some criticism, naturally, of the procedure. About all, then, that these different greek-letter societies did was to use the same hall. So far as synchronizing the theme and activities of their various meetings, there was little or none of that.

This does not construe, however, that the idea of joint meeting was worthless. No doubt, the planning left something to be desired! Now, that a second World War has been fought and declared won on the battlefield, let us who claim to be mentally alert exercise every opportunity, even in our fraternity meetings to safeguard a peace which, in its very fabrication, is edging dangerously close to that very totalitarianism for which so many have already valiantly died.

Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service, we do not win battles through talk; neither by half-hearted Yuma TN milf personals. We must implement thinking into action. All that swertheart have said above, Tallahassee Florida sweetheart lip service, is a sounding board to all interested Negro greekletter groups—Alpha, Kappa, Omega, Sigma, AKA, Delta, and Zeta—to come together soon at some early date, forget the clannishness which their ritualistic ceremonies have impelled and start thinking, planning, and acting straight and fast on this whole problem of human freedom, as it involves all peoples.

He proposes a "five-year sinking fund plan, made possible by the contribution of one dollar per month by every member, to be paid to a duly authorized board of trustees comprised of representatives from all Greek-letter organizations whose bonafide duty pip shall be to deposit same in a reputable financial institution.

Our Social Responsibility HE time is ripe to remind ourselves anew of our oft-declared social responsibility for Negro America. One fundamental, realistic, and practical way to perform this task, is to help initiate organization of a permanent council of colored fraternities and sororities to unite thinking and map a program of joint action on the major issues of the day.

Effective execution of this idea would really be a service to the Negro masses.