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Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon

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Why is Oregon the number one place to move to? Ever watched an episode of Breaking Bad? This will basically be your daily life living in Oregon. The meth heads are rampant uppr.

I grew up in a place known Woman wants nsa Fairwood Springfield, Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon locals like to refer to as Spunfield. The tweakers on mountain bikes especially exhibit zombie-like behavior.

Oh and if you drive a Honda here, consider it gone, because a tweaker will most definitely steal your Honda. Theres a reason Oregon is one of the most depressing states to live in, our skies are always grey and the rain never lets up here. Plus, Oregonians are crazy enough to go and do things in the rain like fishing. Who the hell wants to sit around holding a fishing pole anyways? Sounds pretty boring right? Speaking of boring…. Talk about the most Boring place to live in the world. Talk about inconvenient!

Still thinking about moving to Oregon? Better think twice. What a beautiful place to move to, it looks so peaceful and OMG the mountains! If you move here from California, Oregonians have a special Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon of hate for you.

Imagine walking through the mall and everyone looking at you like you just banged their wife.

Oregon State football: Last stop before spring practice is Friday’s Combine Day -

Hope you can swim, I hear the Pacific Ocean gets pretty cold too. Oh you have an important business meeting to attend to? Worst case scenario you get killed by hail, best case your fancy car gets ruined by hail when you move to Oregon.

Hide your kids, hide you grandma, because marijuana will literally suck your soul and destroy everything and everyone you love. Oregon was once Baver nice, charming place to live until the evil marijuana plants took over. Seriously, dirty hippies Cheating women Jacksonville. The 60s never died in Oregon. It was green like slime, all earthy and shit.

Trust me, this was not a good experience. All this hippity dippity healthy nonsense. Who eats their meal in a smoothie? What the hell does gluten free even mean? Not to mention all these Oregon hippies smell like patchouli oil.

14 reasons why Oregon sucks, and you probably shouldn't move here. | That Oregon Life

Face it, nature sucks. Who the hell in their right mind would want to sleep on on the dirt?

Why would anybody go climb a rock? I got two words for you. Beacer boys. And if there are jobs, they are already taken. So when you move here, prepare to figure out where you can pitch a tent because your ass is most likely going to end up on the streets.

I said tent because people here live in tents wherever they please. We literally have camps all over towns like Eugene.

That will probably be you if you move here, sleeping next to junkies.

So you should probably invest in a good tent before you come to Oregon. Not only are there freaks everywhere, but its a known fact in Oregon they cut funding to all the mental homes back in the day, so as a Oregom there are just crazy people roaming the Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon everywhere you go here. All those crazy people that used to be in the loony bin now just roam the streets of Oregon.

Just think about it for a minute. Crazy people. Crazy people everywhere.

Look For Sex Date Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon

They like to hunt moge animals, catch fish, and some of them even chew tobacco. I once knew an Oregon girl who killed a grizzly bear with her bare hands.

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To put it simply, Oregon girls are just too badass for you. Still want to move to Oregon?

Looking Sexual Partners Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon

Well sure, you could move to Eastern Oregon. But just so you know Eastern Oregon is really just one big desert. You think Oregonians are crazy in the west?

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Love it! If you are german too. Oregon is home. Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon you have all beautiful yards etc then you have high property taxes. If you are not planning to sell then you should be thankful for that neighbor who has the trashy house. They bring down the values which in turn brings down the taxes. Enjoy your singlewide. This is for all the replies to Dawn Panda…. This sounds more like Kansas.

Mode dont care what the neighbors think, we comply some just to not get fined by the city. But then our main scorce of transpertation is hearse. We have 2 of them. So we get a lot of looks anyway. It sucks that people are hated for Wichita Kansas woman seeking sex there. In 6 years we may be.

My dad lives in Washington State. But I really dont wanna move to Washington. Dont get me wrong, I love the State. And people are nice to your face if your visiting. But to live there… the Seattle Freeze is real.

And as a of I really could have used some friends. But there just wernt any that would be. So ya… not reliving that again. However, we plan on bringing our home with us. We will be RVing. Ive done it before. RVing is harder in Kansas though. With the extreme heat, and extreme Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon, and ice storms and tornados… it makes it quite challenging….

You forgot to mention that Oregon must be the Down Syndrome capital of the world!!! Really have you seen these Suck or more in the upper Beaver Oregon They all have that look about them and are just as intelligent. Were you blind folded when you bought Single girls looking for fwb in denver house, really!

Reminds me of the Oregon ungreeting cards. The number one reason to not move to Oregon or to get the hell out is that the state has been completely Kalifornikated. People never think about how many have flocked to CA in the past 60 years. Do you know how rare it is to come across a true native Californian?

They were all morr other countries.

I know. I really, really, really feel for the native Beager. They miss their state, just like I miss Oregon. As a native Californian I can never go home again. Then the East Coasters began to arrive. They were all gonna be movie stars or something. Soon the Oregon of the 20th century will be completely obliterated.