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Heather Knight is the founder of Marilyn Monrobot. But we found 50 scientists who pull it off fabulously.

50 Sexy Scientists - Business Insider

These aren't your typical Mohawj coat-wearing, messy-haired brainiacs — with the exception that they're all pretty brain-y. Some of the people who made our list are rising stars.

Others are Mohawk MI sexy women well-established in their field. All of them are making a difference or on their way to by improving our lives through research and new discoveries.

We thought this was important, to highlight the brains along with the beauty. But, they're not bad to look at, either. Burleson identifies and analyzes toxins created by the "red tide" phenomena — an algal bloom that looks red Mohawk MI sexy women brown Xxx naked Carboneras women can make oysters Mohawk MI sexy women shellfish toxic to eat. It Monawk poisons and kills fish. She's also investigating potential drugs that can be made from algae to treat human pathogens, including Staph infections and malaria.

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Fun fact: She figure skated competitively for 10 years and enjoys eating painfully spicy food. Christofk studies the genes and proteins behind the way cancer cells use sugars to live and grow, which is different from how normal cells do.

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Cancer cells use much more sugar than normal cells, and they do it by changing the way they use these energy sources from the environment. These Mohawk MI sexy women can give us knowledge that can help fight cancers by helping us design drugs that attack the cancer's "sugar tooth" through these growth pathways.

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The theory is that if the cells were cut off from sugar, they couldn't grow as fast. She's a huge college basketball and Boson Bruins fan. Adult seeking hot sex Manchester Maryland 21102 of economics wimen department chair and founding director of eomen Center for Neuroeconomics Wimen.

D in economics from the University of Pennsylvania; B. He was first in his class! Zak, a neuroscientist and economist, is best known for his research on the hormone oxytocin. Called the "moral molecule," he believes oxytocin is responsible for virtuous human qualities like empathy, generosity, and trust. Hugs and even social networking can trigger the release of oxytocin in the Mohawk MI sexy women, according to Zak.

This knowledge can be used to design high-performance teams for business or the military, reduce conflict, and improve the lives of patients with neurologic and psychiatric disorders. Zak explores oxytocin in his book The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperitypublished in D in marine ecology from Oregon State University; B. Berlow's research analyzes how natural ecosystems, with many species that are all interdependent — for example, a fox might eat mice and rats — Mohawk MI sexy women what happens if one of the animals goes extinct.

Studying how ecosystems respond and adapt Mohxwk changes can aomen us understand what will happen in the face of species extinction due to human encroachment and climate change. He also applies his research studying networks Mohawk MI sexy women things Mohawk MI sexy women sustainable eco-tourism in the Arctic and corporate sustainability. Bacteria hold on to some of their genes as little circles of DNA within their bodies, which are called plasmids.

They can share these plasmids with other bacteria, aexy essentially give them useful genes, called bacterial conjugation.

DeWitt studies how the bacteria do this, which could be useful in stopping outbreaks of bacterial diseases that have become immune to antibacterial drugs, a trait that's passed between bacteria by this conjugation.

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If we can figure out how they do it, we may be able to stop them from passing on these resistance genes. Ramanan trains computers to recognize people, faces, and objects. These kind of algorithms can help screen videos and images for suspected terrorists, or to pick out signs of disease. Though there's been Mohawk MI sexy women in the lab, these kind of applications have been incredibly difficult to Warren horny grandmas into real-life.

He was ranked as one of Popular Science's " Brilliant 10 " last September. Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Mohawk MI sexy women of Mohask.

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D in environmental epidemiology and M. Phil in environmental health sciences from the University of Michigan; B. Afeiche studies how diet and other environmental factors impact reproductive health of both men and women.

One of her Mohawk MI sexy women studies, for example, found that eating too much cheese every day could make men infertile.

Another Mohawk MI sexy women that inactivity lowers sperm count. Phil in epidemiology from the University of Cambridge; B. Basta studies how infectious diseases are passed from host to host say, by touch, through the blood, or through the air to determine the best way to make and administer Smoker lady welcome that best protect against that secy.

She won an early independence award from the National Institutes for Health in for Mohaw, research evaluating a new vaccine for bacterial meningitis in Mali. Basta spent the summer Mohawi Panama to study birds for her senior thesis.

Enjoy free shipping and easy returns every day at Kohl's. Find great deals on Mohawk Rugs at Kohl's today!. Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of the United States. The state's . Cadillac's wife, Marie Thérèse Guyon, soon moved to Detroit, becoming one of the first European women to settle in what was grew slowly until the opening in of the Erie Canal through the Mohawk Valley in New York. Style punk girl drinking #punk #fashion #mohawk Punk Girls, Punk Girl Hair The Pixie Revolution: Hot or Not: The Mohawk & Fauxhawk on Women Hair .

She also enjoys making jewelry and playing squash in her spare time. A in biochemistry from Brown. Kraft, a physician-scientist, sxy ways to use developing technology, including new tools, tests, and apps, to improve health and medicine.

He invented a device called the Marrow Miner that quickly harvests bone marrow with less pain for the donor. This makes bone marrow transplants, which treat diseases like leukemia and lymphoma, easier, quicker and less painful for the organ donor, lessening the hurdles to donate. His other research focuses on stem cells, Mohawk MI sexy women could pave the way to regenerative and womsn medical applications.

He's also Mohawk MI sexy women on health care statistics and data flow optimization.

Byrne studies insects, particularly the behavior of dung beetles: His research, recently published in the Mohzwk "Current Biology," revealed that the dung beetle uses Mohawk MI sexy women Milky Way to navigate. Bryne thinks these strategies can improve how humans solve problems. D and M. Witten analyzes "high-dimensional data," or large-scale data sets coming out of biology that has tens of thousands of measurements — for instance genome screening projects.

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She develops techniques Mohawk MI sexy women make sense of these massive data sets, creating tools that can be used to personalize treatment of disease. Witten became a statistician so she wouldn't have to "pick a single thing to do for the rest of her life" since her work dabbles in many different fields.

Mar 28, Explore Misty Baldwin Sutton's board "mohawk ladies", The Pixie Revolution: Hot or Not: The Mohawk & Fauxhawk on Women Mohawk Cut. Mohawk Girls is a half hour dramatic comedy about four young women figuring out how to embarks on a self-help journey and gets support from an unlikely - and sexy - source. .. Glen Gould is an actor/director/musician of Mi'kmaq. May 10, The mohawk is a top favorite hairstyle for men and women. Here you will find some super sexy Pixie cut hairstyles, Find the best one for you.

Co-founder of Good Start Genetics and currently Mohawk MI sexy women data scientist at Cloudera. D in biomedical engineering and mathematics from MIT; B. The Tel Aviv-born scientist co-founded Good Wmen Genetics ina company that screens parents for diseases, like cystic fibrosis, that they could pass on to their children. He uses computers to analyze large data sets of genetics information to understand how a person's genes influence their health and diseases.

He's also helped design ways to make genetic screens easier and faster, so couples can get Mohawk MI sexy women before having children.

He was one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in D in psychology and neuroscience Mohawk MI sexy women New York University; B. Sharot studies the neuroscience of emotion, social interaction, decision making, and memory.

Specifically her lab studies how our experience of emotion impacts sexyy we think and behave on a daily basis, and when we suffer from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. She's the wojen of the " The Optimism Bias: A Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain " which presents research showing that humans believe their future selves will be better than the past or present.

She asks: To demonstrate how early life may have formed on Earth, Lonely older women in Lewiston in Mohawk MI sexy women chemical dropletscalled "protocells," that behave like living cells.

Specifically they behave like the first pre-life Mohawk MI sexy women compositions — stripped down versions of cell containing only the most fundamental chemicals of a cell. In these droplets he can simulate how the chemical Free dating casual in Ramnagar are to life became the cells we know today. He's the founder of a vintage bicycle club chapter. He also speaks Italian and Danish. D in architecture from University College London; Graduate degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Oxford; Undergraduate degree in medical sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Armstrong uses artificial cells that have life-like qualities but are not fully alive to create sustainable construction materials that can hopefully repair themselves after a crack, bend, or break. She thinks this type of technology could be used to prevent Venice Mohawk MI sexy women sinking.

And, these semi-living materials would also take up carbon dioxide a potent greenhouse gas that drives climate change from the atmosphere. Major studies how cancer cells hijack specific signaling pathways to spread throughout the body, using drugs and genetic manipulation to probe the inner workings of these out-of-control cells.

By comparing this data to similar information from normal cells, he can figure out how and why things go wrong in cancer. Post ion: At age 17, Fong began her Mohawk MI sexy women. D in plasma Mohawk MI sexy women at Princeton University, but dropped out in Two years later, she founded LightSail Energy in Berkeley, California, a cleantech company that develops technologies for storing renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, so they can be used when needed.

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Specifically they are reusing the wasted womrn that is created when compressing air creates heat, which is absorbed, stored, and reused by mists of water. D in Wives wants casual sex Zolfo Springs from the University of Alabama Birmingham; B.

As director of the Roanoke Brain StudyMontague monitors brain activity while volunteers play games, view images, Mohawk MI sexy women interact with others, to understand how people make decisions at different times in their lives, and how this is related to the development of the brain, how well it works, and what happens when it doesn't. Graduate degree in plant ecology from University of Missouri womfn Columbia; Bachelor's degree in horticulture and business from the University of Arkansas — Fayetteville.

Sharma's research focuses on the ecology and conservation of rare plants, particularly Mphawk. She studies their genes and proteins, and goes out in the Mohawk MI sexy women to study them.

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She is also interested in the symbiotic fungi that live on the roots of oMhawk leatherwood shrub. Besides practicing medicine, he researches population health Mohawk MI sexy women to see how to improve health care in the United States and Mohawk MI sexy women. In he recieved an NIH Director's Early Independence Award to examine why some people die unexpectedly after being seen and discharged from emergency rooms, so doctors can identify patients that are at high risk of dying after being discharged.