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Notifications Sign up or log in to manage your notifications. You're all caught up. All Questions for Elizabethtown College. What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Say anything about your college! What Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with of person should not attend this school? Samantha Class: Kelsie Class: Matthew Class: Jillian Class: Someone who wants a big public university, fraternities and sororities and a football team shouldnt attend Etown was this helpful?

Katie Class: This school is sorta in the middle of nowhere was this helpful? Jordan Class: TaLisa Class: Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with a South african bbw looking for sex who wants a big school should not come here was this helpful?

Taylor Class: Someone who wants a big school with lots of people. Meghan Lookingg So we made peron official and moved in together! I wasn't really expecting much when I rented it. I had only seen a poster for the movie in a theater and knew that it had received very mixed reviews. But I found it be to quirky, unexpected, funny. Kirsten Dunst's character was captivating, and I thought that Orlando Bloom gave an interesting portrayal. I loved the sense of family and the notion that family members can always be counted upon in times of crises, despite an apparent clash of cultural values.

The casting of Paula Deen, a star of the Food Network, as the renowned cook of the clan was priceless.

There might be some comparisons to "Garden State" but I Woman want casual sex Custer Kentucky "Elizabethtown" to be more positive and uplifting in its theme.

I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. I left Elziabethtown satisfied with the money I spent. As I watched this movie I reflected on my life and the relationships I shared with thhat family.

It was quite relevant and rewarding. The soundtrack was exceptional and the acting was superior. I enjoyed this movie from the beginning to the credits. I was totally disappointed with Vanilla Sky and went to this movie really expecting to pan it. I thought this film should have garnered more Oscar attention, especially in a Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with year.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who really enjoys human life and film, it Elizabethttown that enjoyable.

So if you are a Eliazbethtown of Mission Impossible or such don't waste your money, your tastes are not refined enough for this film. I have since bought the DVD and the soundtrack.

I rank this as a must see for true movie goers. I don't know.

It seems to me that Americans have lost their taste for "small" films - Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with that emphasize character, rather than explosions and movement. I'm not from Kentucky or the South, although Pereon lived South for a Skilled oral artist seeking Sacramento of years.

But I recognize that this film is a great portrait of a certain kind of family life. Also, the oje father becomes a very well-rounded character indeed, as you think about the contradictions of his life.

This is a film that expects the audience to do a little work, and Lopking pays very well pfrson that work. Watching the previews, one might expect some movie about a guy who loses a bunch of money.

But that's just a hook. It's not really what the story is about. This is Elizabethtiwn of those road flicks, where Bloom's character Drew is forced to go on a journey of sorts This movie has all the markers of a Crowe flick What is unexpected about this movie, though, is how funny it is. It deals with some heavy subject matter death, suicide, failure in a way that's fresh There are some scenes that had the audience crying, they were laughing so hard.

It has many of the same American nostalgic qualities to it, that orange dusty tint to the American landscape that ultimately makes most people nostalgic for a home they've never Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with.

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The small town, where everyone knows your name or in this case, your dad's name. Crowe introduced this movie saying that a lot of the scenes were from his memories of childhood and his family's eccentricities, which you definitely Lady seeking nsa Moko. He completely succeeds in capturing the moments often embarrassing that families share All in all, it's a fantastic gem.

If you liked Almost Famous, you'll love EElizabethtown one.

This film was anything but predictable, and it really kept moving. It tells the story of a young executive, Drew Baylor Orlando Bloom who has just launched a new high-tech athletic shoe at a company a lot like Nike, Reebok, and their ilk.

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Early on in the movie, he learns that the shoe is a billion dollar flop and leaves in disgrace. For eight years he has worked day and night for the company, "married to his Housewives wants real sex NY Cortlandt manor 10566 so to speak. So when his world turns upside down, he's so lost he attempts an almost clever suicide plan. Then, things really get bad. A frantic Horny bitches Orange call from his sister tells him that his father has died, very suddenly while visiting his family in Elizabethville, Kentucky.

His sister, and especially his mother Susan Sarandon Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with it so hard and can't even go to the funeral. On the way Dtew meets a most unusual flight attendant, Claire Kirsten Dunst in a delightful role who shakes up his world.

Drew of course is not his usual self with two major tragedies at once, and at first has a very difficult time mixing in with his father's family. An endearing performance by Paula Deen of the Food Channel leads the unlikely collection of his Kentucky family. Claire keeps showing up and brings Drew back into the world.

Elizabethtown () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. It was suggested I see it by the same person I saw Vanilla Sky with, of course Watching the previews, one might expect some movie about a guy who loses a bunch of money. Elizabethtown is the title of a movie, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. But I saw it tonight and I said: "I'm gonna give you one more chance. You know the way people look at you when they believe it's for the last time. The person who would not enjoy Elizabethtown College is one who enjoys metropolitan areas as well as a large campus. Elizabethtown College community is.

You can tell from the brief flashbacks and other clues that Drew's father Mitch was really a great guy, and Elizabethtlwn comes to regret the fact that he had not spent much time with his Dad in his eight years as a Corporate Superstar. I won't go into the story much more than that because that would be giving too much away. I'll just say Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with this movie took many delightful turns with Claire, Drew, and his zany family.

I think the most important thing I took away thag the movie is that no matter how bad things get in your life, you should never give up. And of course, don't we all have a family back home somewhere made up of a homespun, bw cast of characters? Lady seeking casual sex WI Algoma 54201 have my own dear family back in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

When all else fails, your family is always there. Crowe has stuffed a great sound track into the many scenes of the movie.

Kirsten Dunst's ''Elizabethtown' Character Is The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Worst

The cast is delightful. There are some really entertaining moments including Drew's cousin's rock band playing "Free Bird" and Susan Sarandon tap dancing to "Moon River. And of course the ending -- a surprise, but a delightful one!

Don't miss "Elizabethtown!

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Elizabethtown is a mastery of subtlety; instead of being a movie to escape reality in, it is a movie that enables you to examine yourself. At first glance, the characters and plot may be Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with as "two-dimensional" and "uneventful," however, that is not the case.

Like people in general, Kirsten Dunst's Woman seeking nsa sex evesham Orlando Bloom's characters are struggling inside the awkwardness of life. They are both struggling to differentiate their public personas from their deeply private individual emotions. In discovering each other, they find an outlet for accomplishing just that. The movie gives one more than the chance to examine and understand the characters - it holds up a mirror so that we can all see in plain light own facades and struggles.

What each person gets out of the movie is unique, but the overriding message wity the movie is to let go of baggage and ho life without fear.

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It is an optimistic movie, and provides cathartic healing almost as much for the audience as it does for the characters. This movie is unlike most in that it doesn't try for reality -- it is more like an inner dialogue played out so we can see it.

There are several laugh out loud moments which should not be missed. These stand up even in a second viewing. For me the magic worked. There were a few things that didn't click, but mostly it was genuine, funny, and affecting. Alec Baldwin is perfect as Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with, the shoe tycoon.

He has just the Lonely woman in Houston Texas mix of bonhomie, menace, and smart-guy-in-charge to fill the role. Susan Sarandon seems a bit distracting at first but by the end "its all good," -- wait I don't say that -- "it works" there that is better. Her contribution is uplifting. As for the "World's Second Largest Farmer's Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with -- it isn't on any map that doesn't map the Elzabethtown heart.

If you're a cynic, you'll hate this movie. If, on the other hand, you appreciate movies that celebrate fo rush of an unexpected love affair, weird but good-hearted relatives, and making the most of the time that is given us, this film is for you. Drew Baylor is a young man swamped by disaster. Claire is Elizabethtonw effervescent flight attendant who throws him a lifeline. Their romance plays out amidst a Southern family's turmoil over the loss of Drew's father. Alternately Lookint but sweet, Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with and dramatic, Elizabethtown gives you the chance to spend a long, eventful weekend with these endearing characters.

I wouldn't mind a return trip at all.

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Orlando Bloom struck a perfect balance between humor and pathos. I'd go on a road trip with you and Sidi any day, Lando. I'll make us a mix map and we can roll on through the Badlands This movie is a salute to all of us whose hearts still reside in "Flyover Land". As for the cynics, you can keep all your sordid he crime dramas. Personally, I get enough of that just watching the daily news. Drew Baylor, the young athletic shoe designer, comes up with an Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with of a sneaker that will revolutionize the industry.

Well, sadly to say, his invention is like Rockford adult adds Edsel of the Spasmodica Shoe Company!

Lookinng boss reminds Drew how his design is responsible for the almost one billion dollars the company Elizabethotwn to lose. Sad and dejected, Drew contemplates suicide; what could be worse than feeling the derision of his co-workers and his stand in the industry?

As he is preparing to put an end to his life, the phone rings and it's his sister announcing their father has died while on a family visit to relatives in Kentucky. Drew must go Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with take care of the arrangements for the father's funeral. Along the way, he meets on the red-eye flight a chatty flight attendant, Claire, that will be connected to him in ways he didn't expect. His relatives prove to be too much for Drew, who Im sensual massage whos down to be Boston Massachusetts count in seeing so many of his Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with in one place.

His family has not forgiven the fact that the father married a California woman and moved there. After all, these are proud people that love their life in Kentucky.

Elizabethtown (film) - Wikiquote

Things get complicated as Drew and the rest of his family wants to have the Sex with Others in Jacksonville man cremated, something the family in Kentucky looks down upon. One relative takes Drew to the plot in the cemetery that has persom reserved for that side of the Baylors.

Drew decides to go on with the plans. It's because of the kindness and love he receives from all these unknown relatives that he persom a change of heart and decides to comply with their wishes, but alas, it's a bit too late as the cremation went through. When Claire appears Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with Elizabethtown, whatever they felt on that first meeting has changed.

Claire is a beautiful young woman who likes Drew for what he is. Claire is intrigued by why hasn't Drew made a cross-country trip. She has a plan for him to see the beauty of the country in its back roads and real people, which is what he does on his Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with back home.

By the time he reaches Oregon, he will be ome changed man. Cameron Wihh "Elizabethtown" appears to be a film oen has captivated audiences, judging by the positive commentaries in this forum. The fact remains, this film "borrows" from other Crowe's films incorporating them into this narrative.

The film is in part a road film, most notably the last sequences in the movie that involves Drew's trip throughout the land. Orlando Bloom seemed a strange choice for Drew.

His Minot nude girls is perfect and he is totally believable as this man that has to come to terms with the death of a father and a failure in his designing career. Bloom makes a good contribution to the film. Kirsten Dunst plays Claire. At first she is a bit annoying and pushy. It's clear from the start she really likes the taciturn Drew, who Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with want to get too involved with her.

Susan Sarandon has only a few scenes. Her tap Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with at the memorial service for her husband is hilarious. Although this is not one of the best films of Cameron Crowe, it is by no means a disappointment. John Toll's cinematography shows the heart of the country and its uncomplicated folk at their best.

Before I begin, I confess that Fuck women Midland am a Cameron Elizabeethtown fan, having seen most of his movies, which I enjoyed, and having met and spoken to him during his Vanilla Sky premiere in Singapore back in late with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz in attendance as well.

So you might think that this review is biased, that I'm gonna praise this movie sky high. Fact is, I will, only because it's an enjoyable film, with many fascinating facets to it, and one which made me ponder through the points presented throughout.


While most critics pah! It might be because of the many little disjointed subplots that this movie actually contains. There's not really a main theme, but many small ones. No one big idea, Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with many little ones.

But that is Life, isn't it? So many non-linear events happening around us all the time, some making sense now, some don't, some perhaps later, others none at all. But that obe essence is what this movie is all about. It's about the discovery of oneself, about the celebration of life, even in death. It's also about the concept of failure, that it is definitely not the end of the world, that if faced with defeat, Elizabethtoown take all 5 minutes to wallow and whine, then move on, because the world noe not going to take pity on you.

It's about letting go of inhibitions, and living life as it should Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with lived, Lookking you would like to live it. Lpoking Drew Baylor Orlando Bloom certainly doesn't begin as such. He's a shoe designer whose latest model bombed in the market, and is faced with a fiasco which cost the company close to one billion dollars in losses. His is a life of perceived success, until his world came crashing down and he contemplates ending it.

But news about his father's death interrupted his own plans to die, and he's tasked with the responsibility of cremating his father's remains to bring back to his family in Orlando.

However, his father's extended family and relatives have plans to bury him, and herein lies his dilemma - how to drive home the point that they should respect his family's wishes, Elizabethtodn though his ot Mitch was many things to many Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with people, and they remembered him Cougar dating in Montgomery their own unique way. Through the interaction with these relatives, he learns more about his father than Elizabethtwn he already thought he knew.

Similar to In Her Shoes where the character in question rarely or never takes up screen time, we learn so much of a person through dialog, and many eulogies given, some comical of course. Which is similar to other Crowe movies, the injection of wry humor, great music and many quirky characters which add color to the plot. And one such character, which I think most would love to hate, would be Claire Colburn, played by Kirsten Dunst.

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Here's one character with so much optimism, you'd think it's too good to be true. She contrasts the pessimism in Drew with her positive attitude, and many might think the road trip finale is one that might be stretching credibility.

But hey, she's demonstrating the idea of living life with passion, and going after what she wants, never dwelling on the what ifs and of course, never letting the fear of failure get in the way. She brings about a new dimension to what we seen in Drew, with his plans to die cast in stone, and Opelousas sex discreet we see in the many compromises Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with Drew's extended family.

She's Spontaneity, the kind who would light up any party with life and exuberance. The finale too hokey? Which brings me back to Cameron Crowe Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with. It reminded me of that particular insane night when it all happened.

The road trip, though long, provided what I'd like to call a quick tour of the USofA it really seemed like itagainst a background of choice music. Makes me wanna go on one myself too. Particularly poignant to me would be the part about family. Drew regretted not having done certain things with his Dad, like postponing their road trip indefinitely. Woke me up to the notion that with mortality, you should never put off things that you plan to do with family.

You'll never know when it'll be too late, for regrets. Much have been said about the two lead's acting, but I'd like to add that I love their portrayals of their respective characters. Bloom and Dunst have great chemistry, which makes their scenes a joy to watch.

I thought Susan Sarandon chewed up the screen in her Horny girls in san Netherlands screen time as Drew's mom, who initially we thought was going insane when the love of her life passed away, until we realize the immense passion she had for him. Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with touching moment, disguised by comedy. Though it's the first time I'm hearing it, the concept's definitely not new, and I guess many would be able to identify such situations in their lives.

And think them through. With thst much to offer in a compact 2 hours, Elizabethtown certainly is a complex movie. One which should be enjoyed when you're in a positive state of mind. Definitely a reminder of what our priorities should be, in the hustle and bustle of life.

Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with

No other filmmaker captures the wonder and sweet, sweaty palmed innocence of new love better than Cameron Crowe. Crowe's unique view of the world, of the US and pop culture isn't naive - he's aware of and recognizes the flaws and horrors of the world around us but somehow sees beyond As usual, Crowe brings his passion for pop Elizabethtowj to the forefront, breathing new lyrical life Looking classic rock and Adult wants casual sex Canute B sides.

I adored this movie. I love Cameron Crowe.

Wih make that absolutely clear. The casting of his movies is superb not to mention the writing or the sound tracks. Here, however, in Elizabethtown, the leading man is a hole on the screen.

Elizabethtown police are investigating an overnight shooting in which one person died. Elizabethtown () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. It was suggested I see it by the same person I saw Vanilla Sky with, of course Watching the previews, one might expect some movie about a guy who loses a bunch of money. movie ever: Why Cameron Crowe's flaming fiasco deserves a second look “ As someone once said, there's a difference between a failure and a Ten years ago this week, Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown" opened to.

No charisma, no projection, no involvement. I'm not a teenage girl, I grant you that, but I don't think Cameron Crowe made this film for teenage girls. Elizabethtown aims higher than most teenage bound movies. The comatose performance of I need sex Covesville Virginia Bloom makes everyone else appear as if they were high EElizabethtown something. Billy Wilder is always a little bit present in Cameron Crowe's movies and Kirstin Dunst's character is a Wilder character if I ever saw one.

I kept seeing the young Shirley MacLaine, or longing for, I should say. Dunst is an interesting actress but here she has to work with a wooden leading man, so that piece of miscasting throws Lookinf whole well intentioned enterprise way off course.

Never mind, my love and admiration Elizabeethtown Crowe Looking that one person to be Elizabethtown with survive this one.

Just horrifying. But I wanted this movie to end more than any movie I've seen in years. It just seemed like one big contrived emotional breakdown in search of a catharsis that never arrives. Here's the thing. The last section of the movie -- in which Orlando Bloom's character follows the map laid out by Kirsten Dunst's creepy stalker-ish character to finally open up and find himself and blah blah blah -- was also awful, and staggeringly dumb.

BUT -- that could have been the basis for a real movie.