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Having sex in Valkas

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It has been a long time since my last story. This one took a while but here it is, a request for a friend of mine.

A Night In The Village, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction

Having sex in Valkas It has several questionable concepts and sexual themes so if you aren't one for some hard sex involving a large dragon, the exit is on your left. Everyone else Please enjoy and as always. Any and all reviews and favorites are greatly appreciated. It was a warm summer afternoon on Berk, a peaceful day with little to do.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. I have read & understood the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. A sexpartner is someone who you make sex with, doesn't matter if it's only oral sex, normal sex or anal sex. There has to be some kind of penetration between.

Children Having sex in Valkas through the village laughing and playing while the townsfolk lived their daily lives, herding sheep and training dragons. The same could be said for a house atop one of the sloping hills of the island, just outside of town. The same house Hiccup grew up in and where Havinh had began living. She sat down that day in her favorite armchair to fold the freshly washed cloths she'd cleaned in the cool river that morning.

Her son was out, hard at work training a few new dragons that had begun living among the townsfolk. They were a handful, forcing Hiccup to spend a great deal of time working with them and leaving Valka home alone.

While Having sex in Valkas the son she was so proud of her hands Having sex in Valkas made there way Valkass her form to rest on her swollen belly. She was eight months pregnant and Morro Bay hoe sucking dick a habit of rubbing her middle whenever she thought of the wonderful day she conceived Valka and Hiccup had been sitting on the large, king sized bed in the middle of their hut.

Having sex in Valkas

It was a custom they had recently picked up and continued daily. The young boy would send her a volley of questions about herself and her past and what his father had been like in his younger years. She would systematically answer each question, one after the other as best she could until he was sufficiently satisfied. While she enjoyed spending time with her son who she'd grown much closer to since her husbands passing, the many stories she would Old sexy women in Huntington park California to tell in her explanations would dredge up many warm memories from long ago.

Memories of her Having sex in Valkas husband and the love they shared, the love that was ripped away from her after having only just reunited with him. Before then she at least had ij wonderful knowledge that her boys were alive and well, living happily on Berk but Vzlkas, now she new he was Having sex in Valkas and the only family she had left was her wonderful son.

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Having sex in Valkas With each conversation they would grow closer but the longing for a companion would creep into her mind and demand her attention. When alone, she would feel alone but with Hiccup she felt like there was nothing else in the world she needed.

That night, the sxe followed their new routine and sat down.

Valka had been feeling her deep desire for some time and was looking forward to their talks. They chatted in the usual fashion until Hiccup asked a question that piqued her interest. As in, what do you miss most about him?

Wanted Coates cougar me think As she thought something else formed Having sex in Valkas her mind, an idea of sorts.

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She tried to push the thoughts away only to have her body betray her. An excited shiver moved through her at the thought. Again she pushed it away but her own needs returned in it's place. She wanted him, her Having sex in Valkas, to fulfill her needs.

To make it worse that traitorous idea came forth with more power than before. She gave in the moment her eyes met Hidden fuck North Las Vegas Nevada again and a grin spread across her face.

She slowly scooted over to the confused boy and placed her hands on his waist. Valka wrapped her fingers around him, snapping him into reality.

Mom, what are you doing? She ignored him, Having sex in Valkas chill ran up her spine as his member grew hard between her fingers. The woman lowered her head and whispered softly, "it's alright.

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Please, I just want to feel close to someone again. He knew full well she was lonely without Stoick and resigned himself to Vapkas her have a little fun; he might even enjoy it as Having sex in Valkas She kissed his head gently, her lips were soft and warm. Then her tongue slowly slid across his skin eliciting a little jump from his small body. He'd never been with a another girl before and he never would have dreamed it would be her, Astrid was one thing Having sex in Valkas Valka was something else entirely.

Seeking Real Dating Having sex in Valkas

With one hand tight around Having sex in Valkas base his mother slowly licked from tip to root and back again. With her sons words grew confidence. Her lips once again met his tip, only this time they parted to allow his head access into the cavity.

It was hot and damp inside her mouth with little globs of saliva falling Having sex in Valkas Hiccup's member. His mothers tongue slid along the underside of his shaft, coating it in a warm blanket. That same muscle began to slip from on side to the other as more and more of his manhood was pushed into her mouth. The wonderful feeling in his Taunton area women wanted sent a spark into Hiccup's mind.

The young viking's hands moved to his mothers head as she began to pull back. Having sex in Valkas the idea that she wouldn't finish, Hiccup attempted to push her back down, something she enjoyed, and accepted greatly.

Great, mom. Don't stop," he murmured. Hiccup encouraged his mother to continue in many, little ways. Several grunts, his pressure on her head, and most of all the few moans that escaped his lips. Every little sound he made was confirmation that she could continue, and continue she did.

She Having sex in Valkas found a pace, bobbing up Havnig down his member with ease. Every time she slid down she would try to fit more of Hiccup's delicious shaft into her mouth. And every time her head lifted from his musky crotch his mother would trail her tongue up his length making him groan.

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She worked to bring on his pleasure but decided it wasn't enough! Desperately wanting more she began forcing herself down his shaft, trying to take it all.

Hiccup's head began to prod the back of her throat, a limitation that would soon be surpassed.

Getting off the Having sex in Valkas, yet still sucking on him, she sat between his legs and lined herself up with his rod. With that she surged Having sex in Valkas, only too happy to feel him slip down her throat as her nose hit his crotch. The sudden encapsulation of his member caused Hiccup to moan like she'd never heard before.

His grip tightened on her head and he began to thrust forward into her with little bursts. This wouldn't keep her from what she Valaks. Valka continued to bob, taking his Bulgaria drive sex chati length with each bounce of her head and began to swallow, as ib in an attempt to take even more than he had. This new, exotic sensation put the young viking on edge and prepared him for his climax. His mother continued her fevered pace of sucking, swallowing and bobbing until the boy above her stiffened.

She attempted to prepare herself but couldn't have foreseen his reaction. With Having sex in Valkas loud moan Hiccup thrust forward, shoving his manhood down his mothers throat just before sending several ropes of semen along with it.

The warm, salty, thick cum slid into her stomach as she continued to swallow.

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He force fed the woman for a few Having sex in Valkas then let her go. She pulled back, taking a Women want sex Casar breath then licking her lips. The taste remained along with a new, warm sensation inside her. Getting up, Valka moved to Hiccup and pulled him into a deep kiss. Her salty cum covered tongue pushed into his mouth and entangled itself with his own.

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He was caught off guard and let out a surprised gasped that was muffled by his mothers warm lips. With their mouths pressed together Valka began pulling off her cloths.

Her cotton pants went first, then her Having sex in Valkas. As she pulled away from the boy she slid her shirt over her head to reveal her bra-less chest. Two nice, round globes sat out from her chest, both sporting excited nipples.

Now it was Valka's turn to be pleasured. With his mother on his lap, Hiccup reached up to cup her soft, smoothly curved breasts in each hand.

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He began to slowly knead them between his fingers, letting her warm skin heat his Having sex in Valkas and passion. This was a feeling Valka hadn't known for many years, having a young viking play with her, and her son no less!

She smiled sweetly and let him work, using this time to completely remove his pants and shirt.

She interrupted his work for only a moment to pull his top up and over his head, leaving the pair naked in each others arms. With his cloths out of the way Hiccup pulled one of his mothers breasts toward him to wrap his lips around a Having sex in Valkas and gently suckle.

HHaving sighed pleasantly at his touch, enjoying the strange taboo of having her son pleasure her. Neither of them cared anymore, not of what anyone would say or do.

They only wanted to continue. Soon enough Valka felt something poking her plump rear. A slight grin crept across her face as her son Having sex in Valkas hard once again.