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Mentioning Your Name Has Become A Crime in the Dead Laws of Eritrea By HABTOM YOHANNES

By   /  November 21, 2017  /  Comments Off on Mentioning Your Name Has Become A Crime in the Dead Laws of Eritrea By HABTOM YOHANNES

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We forgot you and God has forgotten us
Arrested, actually Abducted on November 19, 2004! Imagine you being arrested and put in a small cell, underground prison cell or in a sheeping container. Your hands tied. The door closed and you are left in a small dark room without anything, not even the Bible to read from. Left in a room with a bucket … the door is not opened when you want to breath a fresh air, to see the light of the sun or moon or the stars… No, the door is opens at the whim of the guards who get their orders from unseen commanders.
You start to count days, nights, 19 November 2004, 19 November 2005 (365 days… you count 19 November 2015 (11 years x 365 = 4015days = 96360 days!!!) Please try to close yourself in your WC, turn the light off, no running water, the door closed from outside, your hands in chains…No sound of the songs of your church, the greetings of your congregation, no Bible, no huggs from your wife, your children, your friends… you are totally isolated from the world… It is even uncertain whether you are going to survive after 11 years of incommunicado prison… Some like Wedi Bashai and Bahlibi 24 years. Imagine!
Would you be happy when others in the free world keep their mouth shut and o their business as if you have never existed? As if they never knew you? As if they never said to you: “we love you in Jesus”? And some of them are now even afraid to pray for you in public… Mentioning your name has become a crime!
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