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Opinion: those were the days when it used to be so easy to be a Dictator

By   /  April 10, 2016  /  Comments Off on Opinion: those were the days when it used to be so easy to be a Dictator

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Eritrea: And Now a Word from Your Embassy in LondonDr russom

Those were the days when it used to be so easy to be a Dictator. With the advent of the 21st century came new technologies that have miraculously empowered people to obtain instant information from various sources outside government.

That’s why the sight of Embassy personnel in London, Head of Consular Affairs Mr. Suleman Hasen and his bullying sidekick, denying outright the tragic Sunday massacre of Eritrean youth conscripts in Asmara was revealing in so many ways.

With a video camera glued to their faces, the two embassy functionaries were caught off guard, acting like deer in headlights or perhaps like caged bears, trapped by a dictatorship that they are not even equipped to defend.

Eritreans around the world can now see with their own eyes a glimpse of a dictatorship that can’t even hire credible liars to hide its dirty work.

The following are some takeaways from the short clip:

Embassy staff are woefully under qualified to do their jobs. When dealing with the media or the public, there are basic courtesies accorded for protocol purposes when supposedly representing a sovereign state.

Under no circumstance should embassy personnel attack any member of the public with scorn. By laughing and sniggering at the concerned law-abiding citizens demanding answers, they showed utter contempt for the people they were supposed to represent.

One of the most disturbing sights of the clip was the actions of one of the embassy duo who was taking pictures. Although none of the brave folks who confronted the embassy staff were fazed by it, the use of the camera was purely intended to intimidate them.

In what was a sad spectacle of the whole episode, Mr. Suleman is heard questioning the identify of the citizens, thus engaging in typical PFDJesque fashion of removing capriciously the identity of those who question authority.

All in all, this tiny episode was a clear indication of the fact that there’s no such thing as Eritrean Embassy, for it does not belong to the people. Like the rest of the embassies across the world, the sole purpose of each PFDJ bunker overseas is to protect and serve the dictatorship.

(From Dr Russom Mesfn’s FB)

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