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Opinion: not surprised by the blatant lies and heartless manner

By   /  April 9, 2016  /  Comments Off on Opinion: not surprised by the blatant lies and heartless manner

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Selam all,
twitter-public-opinionI just saw what Yemane Ghebremeskel tweeted and I am not surprised by the blatant lies and heartless manner he talked about the brutal killings of our brothers. This cynical foul-mouth has also said ” ንስራሕ ዝለኣኽናዮም ሰባት እኮ ኣይኮኑን” when some good people suggested to him the government of Eritrea issue a statement of condolences after the Lampedusa tragedy. This is from a man who whisked away his son to safety to Germany. (By the way, this what many higher PFDJ officials do. For example I heard from acquaintances that Yemane Ghebreab is looking for ways to send Ephream, his eldest son, to the UK for graduate studies.)

The unbearable vulgarity of those who, from the safety and comfort of their live in the West, are engaged in balderdash is just nauseating. One is lost what to say to a person who compares those who were killed on Sunday with suicide bombers and to the one who holds the victims and the victimizers equally responsible. This is unbelievably crazy and disheartening.

Somewhere in the thread, there was a discussion/bewilderment/wailing of/at how Eritreans are docile and what might have caused their presumed passivity. From where I stand, the description of our people inside the country as such is simplistic and does not really account for the different ways people are designing to defy the brutal regime. For example, the news of what happened on Sunday was published on Awate and Assenna not because these websites consult witch doctors but because fearless patriotic Eritreans feed them despite wide spread surveillance and the grave consequence communicating with opposition elements entails.


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